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Scotland Celtic Leather Goat Hide Sporran Bag


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Celtic Leather Goat Hide Sporran Bag (Scotland)

Made in & imported from Scotland

Genuine cow leather and goat hide sporran

 Measures 8 inches high by 7 inches wide

Single inner pocket- Removeable chain with adjustable belt strap (also leather)

Black leather with solid light cream/tan or light cream with black fleck goat hide

Wear with a kilt to complete your Irish/Scottish dress or as a fanny pack

++The sporran (Scottish Gaelic and Irish for “purse”), a traditional part of male Scottish Highland dress, is a pouch that performs the same function as pockets on the pocket-less kilt. Made of leather or fur, the sporran is worn on a leather strap or chain, conventionally positioned in front of the groin of the wearer. Since the traditional kilt does not have pockets, the sporran serves as a wallet and container for any other necessary personal items.++


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Light cream hide with black flecks, Sold cream/light tan hide

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