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We stock Celtic, Irish, Scottish, and Italian clothing, accessories, and home goods made in, and imported directly from, Europe. Most items are made by top local tradespeople who source local materials of wool and leather.

We carry authentic Scottish Harris Tweed, made in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland with local wool, that is tagged certified.

Our sterling silver and pewter jewelry is imported from Ireland and Scotland. Our Heather plant jewelry collection is made in the UK from Scottish Heather.

Our ceramics are made by a master potter in the Scottish Isles.

Different than what you can find locally, captivating, and sometimes just plain fun, we welcome you to browse our offerings. Go ahead and treat yourself.

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Please note that due to the uniqueness of our items, all sales are final. Should you have a problem or concern on delivery, please kindly notify us promptly. Thank you.

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PewterMill Scotland
Pewtermill Scotland


Truly Trossachs


Fursbeck Pottery